A Fox's System
14 The Vixen Gave me Quests?
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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14 The Vixen Gave me Quests?

The guy seemed to enjoy carrying me like this. Although dozens of men and women stared at us intensely, he didn't even ask once if I was able to walk again. Instead, he wordlessly carried me towards the end of the line that had formed in front of the two open counters.


It did take a few minutes for us to reach the counter, minutes during which the shame-play only continued further. The men surrounding me were laughing and pointing at us with their fingers, the women, however, looked at me with either pity or envy.


«It looks like this guy is somewhat popular.»


「Do you like him, too?」 The vixen asked using an innocent voice.


「He thinks you are beautiful, so if you try your best, he will never say no.」


「He doesn't have a ring either!」 She suddenly announced.


I couldn't help but let my gaze wander towards the hand that held my legs. The man had strong and roughened fingers, the result of years of hard work or fighting.


«She is right, there really isn't a ring.»


「So you are interested after all!」

"I am not interested in him!"

「You are blushing~!」

"Tha- that is not because of him!"


A loud sigh was forcing my attention away from the vixen. The man was looking down on me, with a gaze that revealed neither anger nor irritation. There was nothing but pity in his eyes. He felt sorry for me.


"I- I'm sorry ..."

"They will help you, don't worry." He replied weakly.


«I can't even talk back when he looks at me like that!»


「My little Rika is shy~ <3」

I felt hot blood rush into my cheeks. "I am not shy!"

「You should be more honest with yourself!」

"I am honest!"

「Don't worry, I will help you!」

"You will help me?"


Suddenly, a green screen appeared in front of me. After reading the first few lines, my mood instantly turned sour.


『Quest-Chain accepted: A Maiden in Love

Quest 1/5: Notice me!

Description: Ask your crush for his name.』



"Doing what?" My quest target asked.

"Nothing! It is nothing!"

「But Rika! The reward is awesome!」



I looked at the screen again. She was right, there were several rewards attached to this quest.


『Rewards upon completing Quest-Chain:

⇒Skillset: Beginners Magic (Fox-Edition)

⇒Skillset: Dancing

⇒Skill: Item Box

⇒Title: Maiden in Love (Passive effect: Increases all attributes by 30% when near crush. 25% Chance of blushing instead.)


Additional Rewards for partial completion:

Quest 1: 150 Exp; Quest 2: 300 Exp; Quest 3: 450 Exp; Quest 4: 600 Exp』


«MAGIC!? ITEM BOX? Wait- why dancing?»


「Yes, Rika! It's real magic!」

I couldn't believe her generosity. "Are you trying to trick me again?"

「I never would play with your heart,」 she tried to reassure me.

"You still remember killing me?"

My 'crush' suddenly butted in: "I wasn't trying to hurt you back then, ok? I am sorry!"

「This is your chance, Rika! Ask him now!」

"But- I don't-"


His dark green eyes looked deep into mine, instantly petrifying me. It took me several breaths worth of time to finally speak up to him.

"M- may I ask for your name?" I stammered.

"Why are you so timidly so sudden?"

"I- I don't know. Eh- Yes! My name is Rika!"

"I'm Orfis."


«So his name is Ofris ...»


「Soo cute~! You were getting all embarrassed and fidgety!」

"I got his name!"

「Ah, the quest!」 The vixen suddenly realized. 「I nearly forgot!」

"You are totally doing all of them at the spur of the moment, aren't you?"



After answering me with a fake innocence, the vixen made several new screens pop up in front of me. The stranger carrying me disappeared behind a green veil.

『Quest completed: A Maiden in Love 1/5

Gained Experience-Points: 150


Accepted Quest 2/5: Touch me!

Description: Get your crush to touch you intimately.

Reward: 300 Exp』


『Quest completed: A Maiden in Love 2/5

Gained Experience-Points: 300


Accepted Quest 3/5: Say my name!

Description: Get your crush to call your name.

Reward: 450 Exp』


『Level Up!

Level 3: 95% EXP

+4 HP

+3 MP

+2 Strength +1 Dexterity

+3 Intelligence』


Something inside of me burst open. "HE DIDN'T TOUCH ME INTIMATELY!"

「He princess-carries you!」 Her gleeful voice protested. 「Other girls can only dream-」


「But Rika-」



Ofris coughed twice to force my attention back onto him.


"Ehm, you know. I didn't try to feel you up or something. I just wanted to get you here faster, ok?"


I felt all blood rush out of my face, only to return as a fiery hot wave a few seconds later.


"I- I didn't-" I heard myself stammer. "I told you my name!"

"Rika, wasn't it? What about it?

My face became even hotter. "No- nothing!"

"I have the feeling you are getting weirder each time you open your mouth."

「That wasn't exactly romantic, Rika, you know? You shouldn't cheat!」

"I wasn't trying to be romantic!"

Once again I was greeted with pity: "I hope they can fix your little head ..."


『Quest completed: A Maiden in Love 3/5

Gained Experience-Points: 450

Accepted Quest 4/5: Kiss me!

Description: Kiss your crush

Reward: 600 Exp』


『Level Up!

Level 4: 7% EXP

+6 MP

+3 Spirit

+3 Intelligence』


Shame and anger made my face burn like a volcano.


"I WILL NOT KISS HIM!" It burst out of me.

"Kiss whom?!"

"No- nothing!"

"I mean, I feel flattered, but," he grew silent for a second, "don't you think you should search for somebody of your age?"


「Rika! This is your chance!」 An excited voice rang in my ears.



⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


???: 『Affection towards Ofris grew by 7』

Rika: Wait- what?!

???: Good job, Rika! (◕∀◕ )

Rika: You are not turning this into a dating-sim?!

???: That's an idea I didn't think of yet ...

Rika: Don't you start doing it now!

???: But it would be safer than defeating the demon king!

Rika: There is a demon king?!

???: Not right now, I guess ...


???: No fun~ (◕︿◕ )


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