A Fox's System
13 I am Getting Princess Carried?!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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13 I am Getting Princess Carried?!

The town hall was a long, three-storied building with an almost black roof. It was built using mainly stones, some of which were far too big for a single person to lift them.


The whole building was easily several times bigger than the smaller houses I had seen near the walls. Contrary to them, however, the town hall had several entrances waiting for people to step in, even though only the large double-door in the left half was really used right now.


«Don't tell me ...»


My fear came true, the men lead me towards the mass of people. I saw men and women that looked like adventurers and merchants mingling with guards that wore polished pieces of armor. I didn't find any demi-human among them. Yes, some had weird hair colors, but their ears weren't long nor were their builds too tall or too small for them to be humans.


«No dwarfs, no elves, no giants. Does this world have no demi-humans?»

「It has you, Rika.」

"I can't be the only one!"

「Don't worry. I am sure they will like you.」

"I don't want them to like me!"


Somebody suddenly pulled the rope that was still around my neck. I looked up to find the gaze of the old man who had attacked me like this.


"I don't need more attention than we are already getting. Keep your mouth shut, will you?"

"Who cares about you getting attention!"

"Who was hiding behind my back?"

"... it was not like I had a chance."

"You brought it onto yourself."

「He is right about that!」 The vixen chipped in.

"I didn't-"

"Shut your mouth now, will you?"



A part of me still felt like protesting, but the stares coming from the dozens of strangers in front of me were far more than enough to bring me back to reason. After all of the shame-play I had endured today, I was far more willing to listen to the old man's demands.


Upon seeing the rope slung around my neck, the men and women that had lingered in front of the entrance eagerly moved aside. They formed a path for the men to lead me into the building as if I was some kind of dangerous animal that would try to bite them, should they step to close.


"Why are they so afraid of me?"

「Six armed men have taken you prisoner, Rika. Maybe they think you stole something or murdered somebody?」

"I would never murder somebody!"


The stares were growing more intense. They had clearly heard what I had said. In their minds I was probably something like an animal already, a beast that had to be hunted down and punished.


"Don't look at me like that!" I protested. "I didn't do anything!"


The man finally grew to impatient. Once again, he pulled the leash. I stumbled forward, trying to catch up, but my legs had grown way to shaky from all the gazes weighing down on me. Before I realized, I had already fallen to the ground, my whole body shaking with fear and my tail grown to twice its usual size.


"There is no helping this one ..."


Before I had realized what he was planning, he had already lifted me up. I found myself with two strong arms supporting my legs and back, and pushed against his chest.


「Princess carry!」 A cheerful voice shouted.

"Pri- princess carry?" I stammered.

「You are blushing! So cute~!」

"I am not blushing!"

"Just be silent, will you?" The geezer's tired voice begged. "Please just be silent for half a minute ..."

"Did you just roll your eyes?! It is me who wants to roll his eyes!" I began to squirm in his arms. "Let me down! Let me down immediately!"

"I just want this to be over, ok?"



「They can see it.」

"They can see what!?"


A cold breeze answered my question before the vixen uttered a single word. Looking at the slightly blushing faces of the man we slowly passed by, it was obvious what they could see. Instantly, both of my hands shot towards my legs, grabbed for the dress and pulled it close to my skin.


«Damn! Damn! Damn! Who asked for it to be black!?»


「So it's about the color? I can change that, you know?!」

"You can change- t- the color of my underwear is not the issue!"

A weak answer came from the man carrying me: "It is such a shame."

"I am not crazy!"


When we finally reached the inside of the building I was greeted by three balls of light that were slowly floating through the room. They seemed to replace candles and torches, as I couldn't find either on the several tables, the walls or hanging down from the ceiling.



「You can use magic too, Rika!」

"I can?"

「Do you really think everybody can use 'Inspect' and-」

"Are you trying to sell me basic features as magic!?"

"Nobody is trying to sell you anything, missy." A third voice answered unquestioned. "Just be silent, ok?!"

「I thought you would be happy if you knew, Rika.」


"Let's just hope their healer can fix you up ..."


He sighed. "I need a good drink tonight ..."


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


???: Speak after me.

Rika: What?

???: "Do- don't carry me like that, they will see- nooo~"

Rika: ...

???: And then you blush and avert your gaze.

Rika: ...

???: "Bu- but if it is you, i wouldn't mind~" (///ˬ///✿)

Rika: No!

???: And then you cuddle against his chest, gently playing your hand-

Rika: NO! JUST NO! You understand?!

???: But the harem!? (◕ ɔ ◕✿)


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