A Fox's System
12 They Treat me Like a Dog!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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12 They Treat me Like a Dog!

The silhouettes of a town were greeting me from afar. I saw walls that were tall enough to hide small buildings behind them, towers that were guarded by bowmen and houses that came in countless sizes and shapes. It was a town you would expect in medieval Europe, even though it looked a little plain.


«How many are living in this city?! It is the midst of the day! They will see me! All of them will see me like this!»


「You look cute, don't worry.」

"There are leading me around like a dog!"

「Tell them you are a fox.」

"How will that change anything?"

「They won't think of you as a dog anymore!」

"Will that make the leash magically disappear!?"

「No, but they won't think you were a filthy dog.」

"Who cares about dogs!"

「Right! Nobody! You said it, Rika!」

"I should start barking ..."


I felt the gazes of the men weighing down on me again.


«How could I tell them that I speak to a goddess? They would think I were a lunatic!»


The men hadn't heard any of the nonsense leaving the vixen's mouth. Even when she had laughed or her voice had become louder, nothing in their faces had changed. It was as if this vixen was just in my head, but that couldn't possibly be true as she had not only revived me but also send me to this world.


Whenever I talked to the goddess it looked as if I was talking to myself or, even worse, to an imaginary friend. I shouldn't even be mad at them for treating me like someone missing a few screws. Still, I felt like something inside of me die whenever they did.


The men who had caught me were already far too much for me to handle, but there were carriages and wagons passing our group, too. Several merchants had stared at me, some with curiosity, others however with disgust.


The humans of this world didn't seem to think well about demi-humans, at least those living in this town weren't exactly welcoming towards foxes or whatever race they thought I was belonging too.


"Where are you taking me?" I asked without taking my gaze away from the town that grew larger and larger with each step I took.

"To the town hall." The old man holding the other end of the leash answered.

"What will they do to me?"

"They will search for your master and examine you."

"Examine me?"

"We still don't know whether you are just stupid, drugged or insane."

「Stupid!」 A cheerful voice cut in.

"Aren't you a little bit too honest!? Both of you?"

"I think we don't need a healer for this one ..."

"I am not insane!"

"Yeah, yeah. You can talk with the healer later, he will have aaaall the time in the world for you."



The man suddenly stopped and turned around. When his gaze wandered over my body, I could only look at him questioningly.


"It is such a waste," he commented shaking his head.

"Wha- what!?"


«Did he just!? Did he really?!»


"Who would want to be with you in the first place!"

"You are a slave. It is hardly your own choice. Maybe I will even buy you when the healer says you are healthy. I don't mind you being slightly on the dumber side, as long as you work hard ..."

"Are you really, I mean really, talking about pulling me onto your stinking mattress?!"

Once again, a half-laughing voice chipped in. 「You are beautiful, Rika. It goes without saying that he would think of that!」

"Do I look gay or something!? I would never let him do that to me! Never!"

The men slowly turned around to face the town once again. "It's really such a waste ..."



Instantly, all the tumult that had surrounded me before died away. Countless gazes now were focused on me. It wasn't just the six men who had found me, but merchants and travelers too. When my eyes fell on a family of five, I felt hot blood shooting into my cheeks. The blonde, middle-aged woman desperately tried to cover her small children's eyes.


「Woah, Rika! Now that was a bold statement!」

"Please, say nothing now ..."


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


???: My little daughter steps on the forbidden path.

(ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ )

Rika: Forbidden- I AM A GUY!

???: I think those guys have seen enough of you to-

Rika: I don't care what they think! I will never kiss a guy! Don't even think about it!

???: ( ꈍ ་། ꈍ )

Rika: Your nose is bleeding! Stop it! Stop it now!

???: Where is my pencils?! (◉ ་། ◉ )ミ

Rika: Wait... you don't want to- no! NOOOO!!!!


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