A Fox's System
10 I Apologize!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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10 I Apologize!

Only three lines of text awaited me. Far too few words as if there were any room for false interpretation. The brat had made her wishes more than clear.


«Why is this happening to me...»

『Quest 1/1: Make up with ???

Description: Apologize!

Rewards: Beginners Equipment』

「It is something to wear!」 She explained in a joyful voice, clearly failing to see how unjust her actions were. 「A beautiful dress! The most beautiful there is!」


「It will protect you from the cold, too!」

"So you want me to wag my tail and say sorry!?"

「I never said you have to wag-」 She hesitated for about a split-second. 「It would look soo cute~! You are the best!」

The quest screen disappeared, only to reappear within a second. Its contents, however, had significantly changed. Once again, I felt my fingers piercing into the flesh of my hands.

『Quest 1/1: Make up with ??? in a cute manner.

Description: Say sorry while sitting on the ground, showing the back of one hand and using both 'Wagging tail' and 'Slightly teary eyes'

Rewards: Beginners Equipment, Blessed Edition.』

"... not doing this."

「But Rika~」

"No! I will never-"

A number of voices forced my attention away from the screen. They belonged to young men, which, judging by how unlikely it was to find anybody else roaming these ruins, could only mean the perverts that had attacked me before were returning.

I couldn't see them, as they were probably hidden somewhere in the forest or ruins surrounding the camp, but I knew they were staring at me. I could almost feel their eyes burning on my far too unprotected skin.

"Those bastards..."

「You should totally wear the dress. It will help you defend yourself from their lewd gazes!」

"Damn it..."

「I have even blessed them! You will be far stronger wearing them! I promise!」

I felt something die inside of me as I let myself sink to the ground. The vixen had won, there was no chance for me to avoid accepting this pathetic excuse of a quest.

Tears gathered in my eyes as I prepared myself to lose this last bit of my dignity. There had been too much going on today, not only had I lost my life and my body, the goddess was doing her best to ruin even this new life of mine!

A part of me already given up on fighting back, it knew that I needed the help of the goddess, especially with how weak this body she had given me was, but I just couldn't follow her commands. I was unable to.

Sure, I sat on the ground just like she had wanted me to and there were real tears filling my eyes, but I had obviously never owned a dog tail. It needed me several long minutes to learn how to control it at least slightly.

Before I had seen it follow my every emotion, it had waved when I had grown way too enthusiastic in doing those tutorial gymnastics, had quivered when I had felt cold and had become far wider when goosebumps had conquered my body.

«Screw this! Am I a dog or what?!»

「You are a fox, dummy~!」 A cheeky voice commented without being questioned. 「And a cute one at that.」

"... let's just get over with it, ok?"

Squatting on the ground, I lifted my pa- hand and, together with my still teary eyes and a lively wagging tail, swallowed dozens of curses before apologizing to the goddess.

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again." My monotone voice announced.

「Do you really mean it? It doesn't really sound honest.」

"I'm sooo sorry~" I imitated her annoying voice. "I am totally sorry, you know? I am not doing it again! Never!"

「Soo cuute~」

I could almost see her smile grew wider and wider as she silently savored her victory. When she finally had enough of enjoying herself with my misery, she let a green screen pop up in front of my eyes. I was finally free from my curse.

『Quest completed: Make up with ??? in a cute manner.

Rewards: Beginner Equipment, Blessed Edition』

A white mist gathered in front of me. It swirled around, faster and faster, before slowly changing into what looked like a gift – it even came decorated with a red ribbon!

I immediately reached out for the package, but before I could even open it, a new screen flashed in front of my eyes.

『Title gained: A Good Girl

Description: Performed each of the commands 'Beg' 'Shake Hand' and 'Sit' at least once.

Effects: Protected by ??? (Passive; Permanent; Can not be switched off)』


「It was close enough!」 Her bright voice decided. 「It was the best! My little Rika looked so cute!」

"Please just stop-"

「You should start dressing, now,」 she reminded me. 「They are still watching you.」

Hearing her words, I slowly turned around. The young men were still hidden somewhere in front of me, to my sides or in my back. There was no way for me to tell. I only knew about their leader, who was still in his tent, minding his own business. It was now or never.

«Let's see what she got for me...»

⊱————- Extra ————-⊰

???: There you go~!

Rika: Those... aren't those Pajamas?

???: They are cute, right?

Rika: I kinda dislike that fox pattern...

???: What about the bra?

Rika: ... too large.

???: Oh, yeah... you are smaller than me, after all...

Rika: Don't tell me...

???: It is my favorite bra, too!

Rika: Those are yours?! Even the panties?!

???: Of course they are! I wouldn't give my little Rika some random stuff!

Rika: So... you wore them...

???: Yes, I did!

Rika: A woman's underwear...

Ofris: Why do I feel like I am watching something really dirty right now...



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