A Fox's System
6 A Tutorial?
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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6 A Tutorial?

Minutes had passed by since the screen had appeared and I still felt unable to avert my gaze from it. The system of numbers displayed on it was something any gamer was accustomed to, but them stating my own far too weak attributes rather than those of a random side-character or mob was something I couldn't get my head around.

It was only when a cold breeze hit my unprotected skin with the coldness of the approaching night, that I remembered the desperate state I had ended up in. I hurriedly closed the screen.


«I need something to wear!»


If only it was a little more comfortable in here, I would probably spend some minutes examining my new body, but the lack of both warmth and light made me toss aside this idea almost immediately. Knowing that the brat watched every single move I did naturally didn't help either.

I let my gaze wander around, trying to find some kind of clothes I could use, but obviously, a ruin like this wouldn't have pants and shirts lying around randomly. There weren't any tools either, which robbed me of the small chance to craft something to wear despite not knowing how to.


«That damn bitch! To just toss me in here like this ...»

「Kon-kon! Kon-kon!」 A series of playful fox calls echoed through my head, attempting to seize my attention.

"Fox! I get it, ok!? You are a fox!"




The vixen's voice grew more and more relentless, becoming louder and even more annoying in the process. My anger had long since waned and changed into something that was neither real hatred nor real desperation. A part of me had just had given up on fighting back.




「It looks like you need some help, missy! Do you?」

"I would never accept your help..."

「But missy~」


「But I spend so much time on preparing this~」

"So what?!"

「No tutorial?」


「I knew you would say yes~!」



The green screen reappeared within a split-second. This time, however, it only read three words.


『Tutorial mode activated.』


"Did I ever have a choice?"

「I only care for your safety!」

"My safety?" I felt like laughing bitterly. "You never did!"

「How could I let my one and only daughter run around unprotected like that?」


「You are~」

"Let's just get this over with, ok!? You will leave me alone then, right?"

「What are you planning on doing once you are alone~?」


「It's your body. Feel free to explore it~」 She went silent for half a second. 「I promise I won't look!」

"... n- no! I won't do that!"

「You hesitated.」

"... can we just start the tutorial?"

「Just say tutorial. It will start immediately.」

A deep sigh slipped my lips. 『Tutorial.』


『Quest-Chain accepted: Tutorial.

Quest 1/129: Controls

Description: To move forward, please step forward.


Rewards upon completing quest-chain: ???』


"I will get you one day ..."

「You want to get me? But you are my daughter! You shouldn't feel that way towards me! I can help you find a boyfriend! I'm sure it will be fine! Totally fine!」



It was at this moment that I gave up and accepted my fate. There was nothing to be won by turning myself into a fun toy for the goddess to play with. By only following her commands silently, without giving her more attention than she deserved, I could maybe make myself appear too boring for her to waste time on me. Naturally, that was only a faint hope...


Grudgingly, I took a single step forward, as the quest had demanded me to. The text on the screen changed immediately.


『Good job!』 It read. 『Please now take a step backwards to move backwards.』




Within a few minutes, I took a step backwards, moved to the left, to the right and back to the left. I jumped, crouched, bend over, and did all kinds of gymnastics - everything I could think of. I never-ending flow of text scrolled down in front of my eyes. I didn't pay them any heed as I continued skipping quest after quest.


『Good job! ...』 『Good job! ...』 『Good job! ...』 『Good job! ...』 『Good job! ...』


「You are a natural!」



It didn't need much to reach the end of the so-called 'tutorial' she had given me. Only a single quest remained now. It seemed as silly and useless as all the ones I had done before.


『Quest 129/129: General commands

Use each of the commands 'Status' 'Equipment' 'Inspect' once.』


«I hate her so much ...»


『Status』 revealed the same lines it did before, each of them whipping away a little bit of the mood I had left. One line, however, immediately caught my attention.


"... Equipment."



⇒Mira - Consumable Item; Remaining uses: 0; Effect: Absorbs menstrual flow.』


"Did she really ..."

「Kon-Kon! Kon-Kon!」

"... inspect."



The text on the screen changed once again.



Type: Item

Class: Consumable

Remaining uses: 0/1

Effect: Absorbs menstrual flow.

Description: Insert into your va-』



「You wished for Mira to be with you,」 the goddess answered rather bewildered. 「I gave her to you. Like you wanted!」


「The poor girl!」 The brat protested. 「You really wanted to steal her away from the family she loves, away from the friends she-」


「That's my daughter! I knew you would understand.」

"... why?"

「Why what?」

"Why a tampon of all things."

「Wouldn't all that blood run down your legs if you hadn't had one? Imagine what people finding you like that would think!」


All blood rushed out of my face. A naked girl standing in midst of the wild with blood running down her legs? It was obvious what I would think. Just thinking about me being the target of such piercing gazes made me feel beyond miserable.







"... what is it?"


『Quest completed: General commands

~Removed Quest-Item 'Mira'

~Gained Item 'Mira MK2'

~Gained Experience-Points: 100』


A strange sensation attacked my nether regions, a feeling I never wished to experience in my life. I hurriedly closed the quest-screen, trying to forget what I had just read, but a much smaller one took its place within a mere second. It was as if had only waited for its chance to attack me and seize my attention. Once again, I was attacked by a foreign sensation.


『Auto-equipped Mira MK2』


"You did WHAT?!"


A white mist enveloped me before the brat had even answered to my question. It came with a new screen filled with text, which was the first that wasn't making me feel like puking blood.


『Level Up! Level 2: 0% EXP

+2 Vitality

+1 Spirit

+1 Intelligence』


"Why are you doing all of this to me ..."

「I'm just helping out my little daughter!」



"Did you just-"


She did. Commanded by the bright voice of the goddess, a new green box filled with text appeared right in front of my eyes. Sadly, I couldn't resist taking a fleeting glance at its contents.


『Mira MK2

Type: Item

Class: Permanent

Effect: Absorbs men-』


I closed the window Immediately.




⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Rika: Why? Just tell me why!? Why Mira?!

???: I made Mira MK2 permanent!

Rika: That isn't helping at all!

???: Don't worry. It will never be dirty!

Rika: What?

???: Trust me! I am a goddess after all! I blessed it!

Rika: Did you really just bless a tampon?

???: It even has the 'Saint' class now! (◕▿◕ )

Rika: ...

???: It will level up and become the strongest tampon in history! A tampon to rule them-

Rika: If you finish that line, I will strangle you.

???: So scaary~


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