A Fox's System
4 It is Gone?!
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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4 It is Gone?!

A vast world of black and grey had become my new home. Since hours ago, or maybe days, I had been drifting through this never-ending nothingness, unable to move even a little finger of mine. I couldn't even say if I still got fingers, as my whole body felt weightless, almost as if I had become a cloud.

Maybe it was just that. Aside from the black sky, ground and everything, there was nothing but dark-grey clouds that slowly passed by. They looked dark enough to bring forth storms of hail, thunder and chaos, but right now, there wasn't even a single noise coming from them. I didn't even hear any wind.


«This is it? This is what I will be doing until the end of times?»

「Don't worry, missy! I'm almost ready!」


The goddess sounded exhausted and weak, but when I tried to ask her about it, my mouth just didn't want to move. It was as if it wasn't even there. I didn't feel a tongue nor teeth or lips. My body was gone.


«What does she mean with almost ready?»

「Making a body isn't easy for me, you know? I'm working on this for days!」

«She reads my mind again...»

「Ofcourse I do! Wouldn't it be bad if I didn't know what you want, missy?」

«Missy again...»

「It looks like it is good to go now. We can do the rest later!」

«Later? After I am reborn?»

「Yes!」 Her weak yet bright voice answered.

«So she will still stick to me after this...»

「Of course I will! I will always be there with you!」

«Why would you do that?!»

「Because it looks fun!」

«Are you just doing this rebirth-stuff because you are bored?!»


«This bitch...»


Suddenly, a green mist formed around me. It wasn't as thick as it was the other time she had used it on me nor was it as bright and colorful, but it still did exactly what the goddess had ordered it to do. This time, the magic apparently had just one job: killing me.


«So fast!! This is to fast! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!!»


The mist pushed my back, harder and harder, and I could only watch in terror as the clouds rushed by. It was as if it was trying to live a car out of deep mud, but this was way faster than any human could go, faster even than cars or jets.


There was nothing to confirm how fast I was going exactly, neither stones nor trees, but the clouds surrounding me had become blurry lines, just like the stars did in movies when spaceships traveled at several times the speed of light. Naturally, I feared for my life.




My involuntary journey ended within mere seconds as a blindingly bright, white hole suddenly appeared in front of me. It swallowed me whole.


⊱————- ❈ ————-⊰


It was impossible to say how long I had been out cold. When I finally regained consciousness, all the white and grey colors were gone and eyelids that hadn't been there before now blocked my view. I had been reborn for real.

My new body felt heavy and weakened, to such levels in fact, that I, at first, had believed the goddess had given me a fatties body. It was only when I searched my memories for novels that featured rebirth scenarios, that I came up with a much simpler conclusion.


«I'm a baby?!»

「No, you are not!」

«Why do I feel so weak?»

「I couldn't give you a strong body, you know? And I couldn't just push you onto a random woman you do not know, either! That would be weird!」


"You are weird..." A weak, unfamiliar voice answered.




I forcefully opened my eyes, ignoring all the warnings of my new body telling me to not do so. My punishment came immediately, as a blindingly bright light found its way directly into my unexpecting eyes.


"It hurts!"


A cold shiver went over my skin as I heard the voice again.


«This voice! This voice!! Noo!!»


It was a good voice, both bright and clear, that is if you cast aside how weak it currently sounded. But that wasn't what made me reject it so fiercely. It was cute, more than enough for it to make me fall for it on the spot, and it had a younger sister vibe to it to boot, but it wasn't mine! It wasn't mine at all!

Once again I forced open my eyes, this time, however, I protected them with one of my hands which looked far too delicate and pure for it to belong to my old body. Seeing this only further nourished the panic that had long gotten ahold of me.


«Fuck, fuck, fuck!»

「Hey! No swearing!」

«What did you do to me?!»

「I gave you a new body, missy~ I always keep my promises!」

«Don't tell me...»


I didn't wait for the brat to give me an explanation. Instead, I raised up, using all of my little strength and, when I had sat down in a somewhat stable position, let my gaze wander down my new body. Two small but beautifully formed mounds greeted me, each of them came with an almost pink peak.

Shivers went all over my body as I looked between my legs, were my pride and manhood should be. A harsh emptiness awaited me. There was nothing, not even a trace of it remained!


"What the fuck?! What did you do to me! What the fuck did you do?!"

「You wanted a new body~」

"I want a man's body!"

「A man's?!」

"Of course! Give me back my dick! Now!"

「I can't!」

"Why wouldn't you be able to do it?!"

「I never saw one! How am I supposed to know how it looks?!」

"You- what?!"

「I couldn't just give you a fox's thing! It would look gross!」

"A fox's thing..."

「Don't worry, missy! You are beautiful! Your chest, your eyes, your tail and your ears, they are all beautiful! You will find a boyfriend in no time!」

I felt something inside of me die. "A boyfriend..."


«Wait- did she say tail?!»


I switched my gaze towards my back almost instantly. She had told the truth, a fluffy, red-brownish tail grew out of my back, right above my buttocks. Thanks to the cruel tricks the goddess had played me just now, its fur was far bushier than it should be. It reminded me of a frightened cat.


«A tail... a real tail...»

「Of course I gave you a tail! You are like my daughter, after all!」


A vivid picture appeared in front of my inner eye. It showed the goddess, standing in front of her far too beautiful, repaired shrine. With her big, fluffy ears and the white hair, I had mistaken her for a catgirl cosplayer at first, one that could easily make dozens ask for her picture.


I was the same now.


⊱————- Extra ————-⊰


Riku: Did you really do that just now?

???: I feel like I have a little daughter now~


???: But Rika~


???: It wasn't~ me, I guess?

Rika: You will regret this!

???: She is angry! My little girl is scary!


???: I should make your fur pink~

Rika: You... you wouldn't dare!

???: Do you prefer regular pink, peach pink, rouge, salmon...

Rika: Rika is such a cute name! I love it!

???: But your fur~


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