A Fox's System
2 Meeting a Vixen
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A Fox's System
Author :SukkerroeAya
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2 Meeting a Vixen

A warm breeze caressed my skin, gently waking me up from my far too deep sleep. It felt surreal, much like a summer wind, though it was almost winter. The ground under me felt dryer than it should be. Sure, it hadn't rained today, but the leaves and especially the moss should be damp from the night.

I slowly opened my eyes. The sky above me was colored in a perfect azure and not a single cloud tried to block the light of the sun from reaching me. It was midday, maybe even afternoon, but clearly not late in the evening.

«How long did I sleep?»

Confused, I raised up and looked around, or at least I tried to. Instead, I found myself frozen in place, unable to waste even a single thought on finding the way back to the village.

What should have been a shabby shrine with a crumbling roof now presented itself in a pristine condition instead. It looked new or at least freshly painted, as if it only had been build days ago! There was no moss, no mold, no holes, nothing. It was as if somebody had turned back time, though that couldn't possibly be true.

«What the hell? It just came crashing down! Why does it look so neat now!?»

"Oh, the little missy is awake!" A serene voice exclaimed.

Hearing the foreign voice, I immediately turned around only to become petrified again. A stunning beauty stood in front of me, with only as much as five meters dividing the two of us. She was older than me by a large margin, making her around twenty-five or maybe thirty years old, but I could only describe her appearance as stunningly beautiful.

Not only did she wore a noble looking, long, pale green and white dress that exposed just enough of her fair skin to neither appear too alluring nor to prude, but she had also hat snow-white, slightly wavy hair to boot! Her two bright, reddish eyes were staring at me, filled with joy.

«... beautiful.»

The breathtaking appearance of the girl alone could easily have held me captive, but there were also cat-like ears to be found on her head. When my gaze wandered down her body, I even found a tail that seemingly was attached to her back. It was happily waving from one side to the other, leaving me mesmerized.

«A catgirl?! Is she cosplaying?»

A bright chuckle could be heard coming from her. It only increased her cuteness by a ten-fold.

"I'm not a cat, little missy~"

"Little missy?" I heard myself ask. "I'm not a miss! I'm a man!"

The beauty's gaze wandered down my body. After staring at it for a few seconds, she slightly tilted her head and shrugged her shoulders, before revealing a smile that looked rather mischievous.

"Are you sure about that?"

I looked down my body. "What are you talking abou-"

«Nothing!! There is nothing!!»

I was naked, without as much as a single piece of cloth covering my skin. There was a dense, white mist hovering around my nether regions, somewhat protecting my dignity, but the girl could still see my butt and the rest of my body. I felt hot blood rush into my face.

«She called me miss!»

A shiver went over my skin as a far too cruel idea sprout in my head. I immediately reached out, to search for my member, but my fingers found nothing but smooth skin. It was gone. With not even a hole remaining where it should have been. All blood rushed out of my face.

"What happened to it!? Tell me!!"

"What are you talking about?" The girl asked, barely able to hold back her laughter. "Did you just something?"

"I mean my-"

"I can help you search? I am good at searching!"

"Did- did you do this to me?!"

"The fog?" She asked innocently. "Of course I did. How can you expect a maiden to look at all that gory mess?"

"Gory ..."

"Yes!" She confirmed before using both of her hands to describe what had happened. "When you kicked against that pillar, the whole roof came falling down! Even the shrine collapsed! Your body was buried under all that rubble! It was such a pain to get you out of there!"


"I patched you up quite good, didn't I?!"

"But my..."

"You will be fine without it~"

"You- you Bitch!"

"I'm a fox, you know?" She revealed just another bright smile. "That aside, I am a maiden - I wouldn't let anybody touch me just like that! Especially not a mortal!"

"Who cares about that!?"

"Oh, right, I forgot. You wouldn't be able to 'touch' me anyway~"

"Stop making fun of me! I never did anything to you!!"

"You did!" She answered in a bright voice. "You were being mean, you know?!"

I felt my fingers tearing into the flesh of my palms. My hands burned in pain as I struggled to force words to pass my lips which were quivering in anger.

"What have I ever done to you!?"

"Oh? So you don't remember destroying my shrine? And you even gave me such a puny offering! How is that going to make up for it?!"

"Your shrine? Offering?"

Only now did I realize my grave mistake. This girl had somehow not only fixed my body, at least most of it, but even the shrine! She had stolen my member, that was true, but that didn't make it any less of a feat. It was as if she had turned back time!

Even if she hadn't done all of this, I would still have heard of her if she was a mere human living in the small village at the foot of the mountain. With a stunning beauty like hers, she would be at the center of the attention anywhere she went! But yet, not a single word had reached my ears.

«A goddess?»

"Do you feel sorry now? Apologize!"

"So you really stole my... thing just because I was a little bit disrespectful?!"

She avoided my gaze. "It is not like I wanted to steal it or anything."

«What the fuck? Is she playing tsundere now?!»

"Aren't you enjoying this a little bit too much!? What are you going to do about it? It is gone! It is totally gone!"

"I'm sorry, you know?"

She really seemed to feel bad about what happened to me, but that feeling clearly paled against the enjoyment she had gained out of our one-sided conversation. She was having fun, even though she wasn't admitting it.

"You feeling sorry is worth nothing! Give it back!"

Her answer came instantly: "Cannot do."

"You are a goddess!"

"Those guys probably buried you by now, little missy."


"That poor girl was crying so bitterly."

"What? Mira was?"

"Who would have thought the boy she liked would die while praying for his confession to go well!"

"She liked me!?"

"I don't know~"

"WHAT?! Stop making fun of me!"


"Give me back my thing! You can do it, right?! So please! I need to go back and confess to her!"

"No way."

"Please! I will bring you all the offerings you want! And I will come to pray each week- no, each day! I swear!"

Her expression changed again. This time, she didn't laugh nor smile. She seemed sad instead, depressed even.

"You are dead, missy. There is no way for you to return."

"De- dead..."

"I'm sorry."

"What am I supposed to do now?! I can't die just like this! Please! Do something! You can, right?! You are a goddess! I beg you! Anything is fine! Just give me a chance!"



The goddess seemed to think about it for a second while her eyes were wandering up and down my somewhat genderless body. When she finally came up with an idea, her tail began wagging, clearing showing that she had thought of something fun. It didn't even need for the smile that grew on her cherry-red lips.

"There is one thing I can do~"

⊱————- Extra ————-⊰

Riku: What are you doing with that balloon?

???: I thought of something~

Riku: You thought of something? Where did you even get it from?

???: I used my godly powers of course!

Riku: But why a balloon?

???: Just wait for a second!

???: This comes here... and this...

Riku: You...

???: Viola~ Isn't it nice and big?! It is even skin-colored!


???: Nobody will look as big as you~


???: Oh... toilet! I knew I forgot something.

Riku: You forgot...

???: Sorry about that~

Riku: There... there is no hole...

???: Can't you just stop drinking?

Riku: ...

『Disclaimer: Extras come with each chapter, but aren't necessarily part of the story itself. They could be canon, but they do not have to be. This means whatever happens in the extras could have happened for real, but most of the times it didn't. Try to guess which ones are the real deal~』


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